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If you have been planning to build your own website from scratch but just didn’t have a clue where to begin, then you have landed in the right place. Website IPS helps beginners become webmasters by sharing all technical know-how about website design, development, hosting, plugin development & related interests. We hope Website IPS will give you a basic idea of what you will need to make and launch your website. So feel free to visit our Resources and Guides pages to improve your webmaster skills.
How To Create a Website?
A Simple guide to set-up your own website within an hour.

Searching for “How to create a website?” or “how to make a website?” or “how to build a website?” in Google or other search engines. If yes, then you have come to the right place to learn & set-up your website today.

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I’m Dhiren Ray, Developer, Researcher & Serial Entrepreneur. I’d like to share my knowledge and teach you the possible ways to save your money. I’ve carefully prepared this free Website Setup guide to help people those are looking to setup their own website.

Whether you are a blogger, business owner or individual; after reading this article, I’m sure you’ll start your own website today. So happy learning…

Note: This article is not recommended for those who are looking for custom website development service. If you are looking forward to having a custom website, application development or require custom functionalities for your eCommerce or business website, you should only hire professionals.  I highly recommend PmslTech who are utter professionals in web design & development. You can schedule a free demo here. Link

Let’s start now…

Ask These Three Simple Question to Create your Own Website Today!

  •  Are you going to develop an individual website?
  • Or would like to setup a business website?
  • Or need an eCommerce store for your business?

Decide which business category are you in. It’ll help you to get an idea about platforms you need to create your website.

Step – One

1.1 For Individual, Business or Blogger:
First you need a domain name & hosting service to run a website. As I’m a highly-satisfied user of BlueHost & Hostgator for years, I’d recommend them. Because they offer cheap hosting service with a free domain on 1st purchase. So, you’ll save your domain purchasing cost here.

Choose from below host:


Domain Selection:

You’re getting a free domain with BlueHost or Hostgator. So, you must do some research on your domain name before purchasing the hosting service. Do a proper analysis to find a suitable domain name.

Better to use some free tools such as: “Namemesh.com” where you’ll easily find domain name ideas and their availability.

Best Package to Choose:

Both BlueHost & Hostgator offer several hosting packages to meet different website needs. However, I would recommend buying a starter package because you are going to setup your 1st website.

Now you are all set with hosting and domain. It’ll take 2 minutes to setup your account.

1.2 For eCommerce Store

Shopify is the best platform to create your first ecommerce store. You can simply set it up and run your store within a few minutes.

The great news is Shopify provides both Domain Registration and Hosting Service too. You can simply get a domain name from them and start using their service. Or you can buy a domain from public domain sellers such as GoDaddy, NameCheap and point it to your Shopify store.

Steps to Create Shopify Website

Sign up with Shopify & Create your Web Store

  • To Create Shopify Account click this link
  • Enter your email id and choose “get started” button
  • Now enter your password & store name
  • Shopify will ask “Tell us a little about yourself.” Choose from options and select next button
  • Next, provide your Original Address Details
  • Choose a free theme by following steps:
    Online Store – Theme- Explore Free Themes
  • Now need to connect your domain to Shopify.Click Online Store- Domains.
    [You have option to buy from Shopify. Else chose “Connect Existing Domain” and follow asked steps]
  • Select your theme and start editing. You can find several video tutorials for Shopify theme editing. If you’re happy with current design, then you don’t need to research on it.
  • Find Product from left sidebar and upload it.
  • You can connect many apps as required. From Sales Funnel to Drop Shipping, all are available in the app section.
  • Setting – This is the final step of the setup (Account, Billing, Payment Provider, Tax, Shipping, Notification etc.)

Now you are done with your first ecommerce website setup. More steps you collect from this blog. {How to create shopify website ?}


Download WordPress – World’s Most Popular CMS for Business, Individual & Blogger Websites. It’s very easy to manage, create new pages & post new blog. It’s recommended for beginners only.

  • To download latest version, visit WordPress.org and download it.
  • 2. Now go to your hosting account & login to cPanel. Your cPanel url will be like: yourdomainname.com/cPanel

(Note: Don’t forgot to replace “yourdomainname” with the original domain name you have purchased from hosting.)

  • 3. Search “file manager” and click on it
  • Now select all files and select to move to root folder. Then delete the WordPress folder.
  • Go to cPanel again & select “phpMyAdmin.”
  • Create a database to run WordPress. While creating a database, note down Database Name,User Id & Password.
  • Now go to “file manager” and “public_html”
  • Find the file: wp-config-sample.php
  • Select it and click edit button from the cPanel menu
  • Now find & replace “database_name_here” with your database name; “username_here” with your database user Id; “password_here” with your database password.

(Note: And finally, you need to change “DB_HOST”. It shows “localhost” by default. If it does not work, then replace “localhost” with your domain name.)

  • Now visit “yourdomainname.com” in your browser.
  • Fill the form detail about your website with your preferred user name & password. And click on Install
  • After installation is complete, it will redirect to yourdomainname.com/wp-admin.
  • Log in with your given user name and password.
  • Now select a free theme and start editing.

You can find hundreds of free tutorials to customize WordPress theme. Search it on Google/YouTube & build your unique design.

I hope this article will help beginners a lot looking for guide to help with first website design. If you have questions or need any help in the process, do comment here.

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